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Woodbridge Fire District

About Us

The Woodbridge Fire District is located in Northern San Joaquin County and provides all-risk fire, rescue, and emergency medical services to the rural communities of Woodbridge, Lodi, Acampo, Forest Lake, Flag City, and Tower Park.

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The district maintains four career fire stations, an administrative office, and a maintenance facility. The district staffs four engine companies 24/7 through the staff of one chief, one administrative officer, three captains, nine lieutenants, five firefighters, and eleven firefighter trainees all whom work a 48/96 ABC work shift rotation. Each personnel is assigned to a specific staff support for the department with specialized training and skills including maintenance officer, fire prevention specialist, computer systems specialist, personal protective equipment manager, SCBA technician, ladder technician, portable extinguisher technician, hand tools technician, and hose/nozzle technician.

Our Reach

The Woodbridge Fire District covers approximately 197 square miles and 500 nautical miles in the Delta. We serve an approximate population of 15,000 and growing, with major highways including HWY 99, Interstate 5, and Highway 12. Our yearly call average is around 2,000 calls a year. The district also staffs an assortment of specialized equipment as needed. This equipment includes a rescue, water tender, State of California OES type 1 engine, Type 6 brush engine, and zodiac fire boat w/ 500 gpm pump.

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We Protect

Within the boundaries of the district are expansive wildland urban-interface (WUI) areas, large single-family homes, multi-family residential complexes, dairies, airports, hotels, award-winning wineries, and historic downtown Woodbridge, CA.


We have automatic aid agreements with City of Lodi, City of Stockton, Thornton Rural Fire District, Clements Fire District, Cosumnes Community Services District, Mokelumne Fire District, Liberty Fire District, and River Delta Fire District.

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